1. Place template on fabric, print side up. Trace around clear template after positioning the print you require in the middle window of the template. Cut around your circle. (remove protective paper if you want a clear template.
  2. Place clear tool base on a firm surface.
  3. Turn over print side of fabric circle so it is positioned down and put on top of base (ensure any fabric which has a print you want centred is positioned in middle of base)
  4. Place aluminium button shell over fabric and push into the tool base.
  5. When you have ensured the fabric is in the correct position, fold edges of fabric into middle of button, using sharp scissors trim excess fabric if need be, (ensuring there is enough fabric to fold in, but not too much that the back wont snap in)
  6. Make sure no fabric is hanging out, place button back into shell (with sharp edge side sticking up) Using the blue pusher, push firmly onto back of button until back “pops” into place. Button is complete!! Well done!!
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for all buttons supplied.
  8. Thread the fishing wire (enclosed) through the hair elastic and hold the 2 ends of wire, thread through shank of button, pull about 1cm through, take fishing wire out and loop elastic around itself and pull tight onto the shank.
  9. You are now finished! Now you know how to make them you can buy the items in bulk in store, you will not need another tool or template, they can be used many times over.