Materials Included in Kit:
  • Glass Cabochons
  • Fabric
  • Decoupage Paste
  • E6000 Glue
  • Plus Earrings/rings/pendants settings (depending on kit purchased)
1. Make sure the glass is clean by wiping with cloth, turn cabochon over and put a generous amount of paste on the flat side, not too much that it pours over the sides, but enough to cover.
2. Ensure your fabric (or paper if you prefer) is the correct printed side down and lay the fabric on top of the glass, line it up where you would like the print and lay it there, do not press or you will leave marks.
3. Allow Decoupage paste to dry for a few hours (best overnight) Once dry, trim the excess fabric to the edge of the glass using a utility knife for best results. A cutting mat is best for this step, angle the knife to get a close cut. If you have good tiny fabric scissors you can do that way if you prefer.
4. Once you have your fabric or paper trimmed, remove any paste that is still on the sides of glass, using your knife to scrape off.( If you are not using the settings with bezels in this kit and need a smoother trimmed edge you can use sand paper and gently rub the edges)
5. Put a drop of Decoupage Paste on the back of the fabric and spread it so that it is even (this seals the back of the cabochon from dust sweat etc)
6. Once the cabochon is dry (overnight is best) glue it to either the pendant setting, earring setting or ring setting ( depending on which Kit you have purchased) using the e6000 glue supplied in the kit in a WELL VENTILATED AREA. 7. Leave dry for 24-48 hours. Please follow glue instructions below ☺
**Please note the glass cabochons are not waterproof and should not be worn in the shower or swimming, rings should be removed before washing hands. We sell the Glass cabochons in varying sizes, Decoupage Paste, e6000 glue, fabrics, knife and all settings separately if you would like to make them in bulk.
Apply E-6000® directly to each surface to be bonded. Allow E-6000® to partially cure 10 minutes before bringing surfaces together. Allow to dry for 24 - 48 Hours. Note: E-6000® hardens by solvent evaporation and forms an immediate bond that is difficult to reposition after both adhesive coated surfaces are placed in contact with each other and sufficient pressure is exerted to establish full contact. SPECIAL TIPS: To extend life of product, be sure cap is secured back to original position. Use a toothpick as a disposable applicator for very small applications such as beading. Remove, recap and allow plastic nozzle to dry. Remove dried product from nozzle by pulling out through threaded end and reuse nozzle. TEMPERATURE RECOMMENDATION/LIMITATIONS: Peforms best when applied at 70-85 degrees F. GAP FILLING ABILITY: Up to to 1/4–inch CLEAN UP & REMOVAL RECOMMENDATIONS: Uncured E-6000® can be cleaned by ysing small amounts of solvents such as Acetone, Tolulene or Naphtha. Cured E-6000® requires scraping or cutting away product with sharp knife and use mineral spirits (i.e. gasoline, lighter fluid, lacquer thinner) to soften product.
CAUTION ADVISORIES OR SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS: Use E-6000® in a well-ventilated area. E-6000® may damage finished surfaces. Avoid prolonged contact until E-6000® is completely dry. Do not dry clean