This article will explain everything you need to know about creating your very own terrazzo tray using our Acrylic Resin Starter Kit. The Starter Kit will allow you to make two oval trays (each oval tray trinket mould requires 220g of Acrylic Resin)

• If you are making round coasters, two coasters will require 120g of Acrylic Resin. You don’t have to create a terrazzo dish, you can be creative and experiment!

In the Acrylic Resin Starter Kit:

• Liquid Acrylic Resin 200g
• Powder Acrylic Resin 400g
• Oval trinket tray mould or two round coasters
• 3 pigments
• Sandpaper of differing grits
• Plastic sheet
• Paper cups
• Stirrers

Additional Materials Required:
• Scales

Making the terrazzo chips (this will make 3x36g terrazzo chips):

1. Lay out the plastic sheet on a flat surface and protect the area you are working in
2. Weigh out 12g of Liquid, add one drop of the first colour and mix well Note: the pigments are highly concentrated, you can also use a toothpick to get a small amount of pigment. A little goes a long way!
3. Weigh out 24g of the Powder in a separate container and add to the Liquid mix. Mix well and ensure the consistency is uniform with no lumps. Note: Weigh in a separate container just in case you put too much in!
4. Pour the mixture onto the plastic sheet and spread it out thinly and evenly.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 with the other two colours
6. Wait for the Acrylic Resin to set (approximately 50 minutes)
7. Crush your chips! Break up the Acrylic Resin sheets with your hands (or break in a zip lock bag) to create shards of Acrylic Resin.

Note: Don't over crush!

Making your oval tray:
1. Mix 50g of Liquid with 100g of Powder using the instructions above. Mix uniformly ensuring that there are no lumps.
2. Work quickly! Add the terrazzo chips and mix!
3. Pour out the combined mixture into the mould and shake the edges to ensure that there are no large air pockets on the side. To remove bubbles, tap the mould or spray with isopropyl alcohol. It is normal for there to be bubbles.
4. Wait for the Acrylic Resin to set - be patient or you’ll ruin it!
5. Once set, remove your coaster from the mould.
6. Wet your coaster and start sanding starting with the coarsest sandpaper to the finest to reveal your chips. Note: We recommend waiting 2 hours before you start sanding otherwise you might be more likely to break your creation. Try not to wait longer than 6 hours though, otherwise it'll be difficult to sand.
7. Admire your work!