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About Us


Here at JACKOBINDI, we believe in creating original products, customer service and value-for-money. We deliver. Our customers come back again and again because they know that they will get what they want, when they want it, with all the help they need.

We offer only the highest quality products. There are cheaper versions on the market but we believe only in quality and easy to use products. We love fabrics and buttons! We are sure you do too!!

Superior Customer Service

We value all our customers. We have invested in online systems designed to make your online shopping experience as pleasant, secure and efficient as possible. We back up these systems with a reliable and cost-effective delivery system to ensure you get your order quickly. If you do run into any problems, we are always just a phone call or an email away.

Here at Jackobindi we have emails and phone calls every day asking for wholesale prices on our buttons and accessories. We have many wholesale customers who either make button accessories for retail outlets, markets or shops OR we have wholesale customers who are re-sellers in Craft stores, Etsy or Ebay. Anyone interested in re-selling our buttons and accessories please email myself also get many requests for discounts Please note, if you are buying in the quantities in our online shop, these are heavily reduced prices in bulk packs, excellent value, however if you wish to buy Wholesale the minimum pack size is 500 buttons (500 in EACH size not 500 in total) These packs are always available on the website. If you require larger quantities than 500 THEN please email with your quantities required and I will get back to you. Please do not ask for wholesale prices or discounts if you are only ordering a few hundred buttons as we hate to say NO! There are often sales so wait until then!! For anyone wanting to place a $500.00 order worth of FULL PRICED goods (not including sales) on the website, please email first and we will give you a 5% discount BEFORE you place the order, once an order has been placed this discount will not be altered so please do not ask. For $1000.00 orders a 10% discount will be given, same applies, the discount must be set up first. We have many request from schools, kinders, different fundraising organizations, we are only too happy to help and give a small discount or free item but only if we have official documents from the organization and the online account is set up under that name.Happy button making to everyone!!